Ambient-ish Idea Track

Here’s a little 2 pattern idea track that I cooked up last night…

What do you guys think? Should I persue developing into a complete track? If so, any ideas of what type of instrumentation to add? I’m kind of stuck at the moment, and I’m planning on letting it rest for a couple of days before I take another stab at it.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.


It’s definitively worth to be developed further. I don’t like the distorted lead, but the rest sounds really nice. I can’t really say, which instruments to use, but i would look for dub oriented stuff. Also bring the piano, which sits in the background more to the foreground. I really like the melody of it.

I agree with Beatslaughter, the distortion on the lead sounds a bit off, or maybe a bit too harsh. The overall feel sounds great though, and I would love to hear a finished track based around this.

Perhaps a more bold, thickened piano sound could be used in the lead (tape compression would work). I only say this because imho your track idea would work really well with some vocals or vocal samples (and I don’t usually like vocals, so I’m sure of this) and a piano is the best support/lead instrument that doesn’t interfere with a vocal sound.

really nice, work on that for sure.

I can only back up what the other guys have said though, work on the actual samples a bit first; or I guess you could make it a song and work on the samples after…but it definately needs a smoother lead

I really appreciate the feedback! You guys and gals (who knows?) rock! :yeah:

I’ll probably go for more of a laid-back dub/triphop mood with this one and mellow out that lead.

Can anyone recommend any good and free piano soundfonts/samples for me? Nobody ever likes my piano samples! :frowning:


There’s this one:
It has a pedal bank which I find useful. It’s also fairly soft and has a reasonable amount of body for the download size.

Best thing to do is experiment.

Tape compression using the pedal bank :yeah:

You could also checkout the free chrismas piano from floyd, he also made a soundfont out of the Wusikstation version.

Scroll down to the freebies section.
Floyd Christmas Piano

If you want to listen to some examples before, you can visit the thread at KVR.
Listening Examples

Am i then only one to be thinking about some older Kefrens demo (amiga) when i hear this? … inspired? or am i just comparing this to that haha

sounds nice… indeed some atmosperhic strings and piaono could do nice

Thanks for the tip Beatslaughter. Nice soundfont! I used it in the track…

Here’s a more up to date version:…ew%20vision.mp3

I’m still not done…I want to work on varying the drums throughout the track, and fixing up the ending arrangement. Also, I think the vocal sample I threw in there is a bit too frequent, so I have to switch that up.

I know it seems like I ignored your comments, but I truly didn’t! I considered all of your suggestions, but this is the direction this track took. I like it, and I think that’s really all that matters. We truly make music for ourselves, right?

cYDRONE: zero kefren influences here. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of his music. I never had an Amiga. :-/

What do ya’ll think of the track so far?

Very good progress you’ve made and yes the vocal is a bit overused. :)
Maybe process it a bit like it was scratched. Also the beginning of the song sounds a bit empty, i would add a lead instrument there. You could also experiment with some ethnic like instruments and drums. BTW, i really love your drums, they sound nice and dirty.

Thanks again for your feedback. Good idea on scratching the vocal sample! I actually have a mp3-vinyl system similar to Final Scratch, so I can try that fairly easily.

I’ll try adding some more melodic content in the beginning section too. I actually tried adding some timbale type sounds to the percussion, but it ended up sounding a bit busy. I totally agree with you that some ethnic percussion would sound cool … I’ll try that again.

Thanks again!