Ambient Music For My Dead Baby


Damn! Sorry to hear about your poor kitten. No matter how domesticated cats become, they always have some weird tricks to surprise you with. When I lived in America my housemate Kelly owned a cat which got pregnant and gave birth to 3 kittens, but for some reason the mother simply abandoned/ignored them. She wouldn’t feed or take care of them in any way. We came home to find these poor kittens in very, very bad shape, starving and crying for help in a corner of a room. We did our best to clean them up and try to feed them, tried to introduce them to the mother to kickstart their relationship perhaps, but nothing worked. They seemed to be born a little bit premature or something. They were extremely weak and eventually one by one they simply gave up and died.


Really nice, beautifully strange tune you have made though. It seems to fit the mood perfectly.

Absolutely beautiful. There’s some great sonic surprises in here that I won’t spoil for everyone, but well done!

nice dreamy interlude. i like these few hi- freq- artefacts… the pad(s) sounds as it would cry.
feeling your sadness.


Very fitting track. Sorry for your loss, truly shocking.

This song has a soul. Very nicely done.