My new release :) I´d like very much that anybody give me some comments about the song.
Thank you very much. I hope this song enjoy it



:drummer: :guitar: :drummer:

what a lovely tune, really well done stuff - all instruments playing in perfect harmony and melody-wise this is highly diversified.
but… you really have to work on the drums, they are more than just worse, really they destroy the whole tune which is a true pitty!
the drums sound so cheap as if they’d come out of an old casio 20$ keyboard.
without or with other drums, this tune is high quality stuff, especially regarding the composition and arrangement.

A very powerful composition this!

And yes, I agree with Keith… the drums does not make this great composition justice. The rolling drums that end with that whooshing cymbal makes me think of waves hitting against a wall, or maybe a ship :)

Also the instruments being “old” (strings, flute, ensemble) makes it remind me of medievel (?) times… well not THAT old, but you get my drift right :) maybe brave-heart-times hehe

Would be a great sound track for a movie!!! Maybe at the final battle or something (Anyone else than me looking forward to Lord of the Rings 3??)


Only bad thing… Fix the drums, maybe make them sound older as well :D
Wood drums or something… Or bongo drums… like… uhm, Tom-drums (?)

Anywho, great stuff! If you edit it i’ll definitaly download it again, and give it a rating then :)

I´m back to holidays yet :o Hi everybody!!
Thank you keith303 and dufey for your comments and usefull tips, and sorry for my late answer, and englihs ;)
I have to change the drums of the song, and I´ll do it in a futere, thanks for your apreciations. I´d like to use any good VSTi instrument, but I´m limited by the power of my CPU, a lovely PIII 500 jejej (its old but I apreciated it for me) .

Thank you mates again
A friend from Spain :D

yeh kill that drum track, it’s crap, the rest is ok.

I just finished listening to your Amelie… very nicely done!
I have also focused something nobody remarked yet… here’s what I think:
It’s way too fast :wacko:

A part from the bad drum track, I find that the timing of the whole composition is running too fast for me. I can’t savour the full chords and changes aren’t SO emotive, since they happen one after the other.
But it’s just my opinion :)