Amiga Mods Woot!

Heres a fantastic site which I think should be added to the renoise ‘links’ page …

Tons of old Amiga mods! Lots not forget the roots guys

yeah, great site!

they have a record for EVERY musician of Amiga golden age :o

they also have an interview to one of the greatest MOD musicians ever:
me :rolleyes:

Yes, a load of my mods are on there too from 1992 onwards - most are bloody awful heh. What was your handle on the amiga scene? I was known as ‘technix’ and was a member of the groups… voodoo design, tesko, anathema and the silents (then I quit as got chip tune overload)

I was/am/willbe It-Alien <_<

if you click on “me” in my previous post, you’ll see the interview.

a little hidden feature :D

Anyone else from the Amiga days?! :)

Yeah you can look up my dark past by searching on the handle “Fash” :) When I found the site I was amazed to find like 20 of my mods there so I decided to contribute with an interview as well… It was a lot of blippeliblopp and simple melodies back then, demo style mods I guess you can call it. My friends used to call it Fash-music as a genre in itself :)

It doesn`t need any comment.

and I’m pretty surpised thay only got one of my modules, and that is one of the worst I have ever made ;) Made on a party (with all surrounding noise that a party brings ;)) within about 5 hours :)
They sent me an interview-sheet long time ago, but I never managed to complete it ;) too lazy… hehe

my page…

aww the Amiga days.
Only used it ffor gaming :(

btw. does somebody know where I can get the ProTracker as a ADF diskimage?
Wanna made a time travel and blow out some amigamods. :yeah:

You can probably download it from Aminet. Else I can send it over to you if you like… ProTracker 2.3d (wich is the best PT-version of them all) doen’t work very well with WinUAE though (it works but the playback misses notes and samples and makes it sound awful). ProTracker 4.0beta (wich I think was the last PT-version) works though but is a awful version ;), it is also not 100% compatible with the old PT-player

I was a TRSi member too sometime around 1992, the handle then was Hellrazor :)

Here’s PT2.3a(with a fix) PT2.3d(2.3a Aga fixed) PT4 direct dump from my HD…


yup, Dolphin/Noxious used to be me…

i’m so f****ing new-school :(


Cool, thanx you guys, now I´m happy :D

My first introduction to tracking was with pro-tracker on my amiga 500.

No hard drive, I remember flipping sample disks and cursing at my screen alot. As soon as I saw screamtracker, I switched to pc just for that, wow 16 tracks!

I kept my amiga for games (Anyone remember star control?)

If someone would have told me at that time about something like renoise,
I would have thought them lying…

:P Cquencer

Sweet… I’m in there! … has three of my Mods too!


They were my better ones… so… I’m happy… ;)

I have newer versions in Renoise of two of them… "enhanced’ versions that basicly renoise let me do, that the hardware limitationsin the amiga, wouldn’t…

now i finally know what site that interview was for i never sent back :blink:

my directory on aminet :)

yeah, some of my modules there, too =)