Amiga User Finnaly Admits Defeat

Yes, Iv been making music on the Amiga since the Demo Scene days and Becouse Im making music professionally now I wanted to find something like protacker but for PC. walllah! Renoise.
I havnt really started using it yet so Im probably going to myther people with questions about ‘where the hell is the sampler’ etc
Anyway I still use the Amiga, heres mine >

I cant use this for gigs unfortunatly becouse it has a habbit of re-booting at will.



Questions are most welcome! Goodness, tracking has come a very long way since those days… it may be a little daunting.

You may be interested in this thread:

If you are using a tracker on the Amiga like that (that looks amazing by the way. a cd drive!!) then you will pick up renoise in about 10 seconds flat I reckon.

Some differences, but they are essentially the same beast.

yer i been using protracker for fun/work since 1990

have been using renoise on/off for last 18 months or so.

Finally got setup to compose muzak again over thelast couple of weeks

And I just wanna say IT IS AN AWESOME WORK FLOW!! superb.
and if you are used to trackers already you pick the good stuff up in no-time… powerful as & pro as stuff.

ps. wicccked amiga setup man. i wonder if i could do something similar for my 1200 (if she still werks)

hey man, really nice 1200 you got there.
I still have mine.
I also used protracker and later Digibooster Pro, the last most far advanged tracker on the amiga.

Renoise was the breakthrough of getting tracking and modern tech together for me, and it will be for you.

Thanks guys for your welcomming replies.
Iv just downloaded the demo version atm.
Is there al lot missing from the demo thats on the compleate program?
I heard there are quite a few free samples with it, but this demo only has a few preset patters.

I love Amigas and Amiga users, I still have mine too, and I’m gonna cherish it forever. ;)

Yeh Im hoping it wont take me too long, Iv got some gigs comming soon.
Your the guy off the planet Mu board right? have you got a myspace or website with tunes onit?


Hey mate! Yeah I go on there sometimes, but I like this place best.

I dont have any tunes online at the mo, as I have sent a load of the newest ones to Raiden for his new label. Fingers crossed.

You getting along with Renoise by now?

Wow, that is a beautiful computer you have.