Amplitube Conflict

Ive bee using the Amplitube vst fx frequently in the past, but now there’s a software conflict all of a sudden. How come? Is this a known problem or is it just me? I have used it on almost all my tracks and now I cant open them without having some sort of trouble…


What version of amplitube and what exactly happens?

I have Amplitube version 2.0.

Most of the time the plugin loads fine. But when I want to make adjustments it causes an “unexplainable crash”. Somestimes that does not mean that that Renoise crashes, only that I can’t open Amplitube. Allmost every time I close a song in which I’ve use Amplitube, the crash pops up once for every time Amplitube is ised in that particular song. It also causes Renoise to crash during closedown. It makes an annoying crash backup every time. Even though I saved the song successfully.

It seems I have more strange problems with it every day now. I’ve un-installed it and re-installed it. I have installed a fresh version of Renoise 1.9.1. I have checked for virus.

Hoping for help

Maybe you’ll get more attention if you post this in the ‘bug forum’. You’ll be asked to post or upload the ‘log file’ from Renoise (on my computer it is situated here: C:\Documents and Settings\richard\Application Data\Renoise\V1.9.1 ), so the devs can get an idea what exactly happens.

Don’t worry, I also ready the Help&Support forum regulary, its just that I have absolutely no clue how to solve that Amplitube problem.

If this even happens with old song (and never did before), either the Amplitube installation got totally broken (and reinstalling can not fix it) or there is a problem with Renoise 1.9.1 and Amplitube.

To find this out you could ry to use the Renoise version that you have used to create these songs with (for example Renoise 1.9.0).

Another reason for the problem: Some other VST that you also use in nearly all songs crashes Amplitube.