Amusing And Excellent Beatbox 'cooking'

Awesome little ‘tutorial’ so to speak :D

oh yeah! i saw this a few weeks ago. very bizarre but also quite amusing

rekkerd has assembled some good links to beatboxing artists :

Haha. This is good. He slips a bit with his overdone accent (bit gushing at times) but the beatbox stuff and the idea is mint!!

I have showed loads of my mates this.

Reminds me of something David Firth and Crust would do

Brilliant!! :)

:blink: Does David Firth beatbox?

Edit: Thanks man! Never thought that he did anything else than flash-animations. This made med check out his wikipedia article and found out that he is in fact both Locust Toybox AND Jerry Jackson! l0Lz!!!

phonkey, your screen name still makes me rofl every time i see it :D

Yeah he does lots of live film stuff. It reminded me a lot of the Crafting special he did with Crust. That particular one had me laughing so loud my neighbour got in a mood. Haha.

Hahaha, I’ve watched the crafting film now. Fantactic! When he said that the snowman looked like it was made from real snow… :D !

hehe yeah… I’ve tried to come up with a good handle but they all sound so stupid that I usually go with a overly stupid name so that it’s at least clear that the stupidness is intended.