An Apology

the “Renoise 1.5 Development Status” thread is now closed. Hope it does not hurt someones feeling and I am rather suprised pulsar did react so fast and hard to my request :rolleyes:

please close looza’s thread as soon as possible.


i dont get it :rolleyes:

i only did what you said :D … you want the topic to be re-opened once again ? i dont see the point in poisting pages over pages with nonsence, although it was funny for the first 4-5 pages…

anyway, if you really want it so bad i could reopen it…

hehe, no, dont reopen it. the only other option than to simply close it down is to move it to this “off-topic” forum, there people can go crazy in the proper category.

i don’t think going crazy is something that should be done in a controlled environment. :P

too bad people werent patient enough to fill 10 pages with relevant content. doesn this mean that there’s a news blackout in effect until 1.5 beta actually comes out? :unsure: