An Article I Wrote For A Nerd/technology Site

Tutorial for nerds.

Good times.

So many haters, so little game…

Seriously though, how is cutting a beat easier for a beginner?! Furthermore, how can I show this without a screen shot? Anyone who gets beyond that point will have to figure it out. SECOND LAST PARAGRAPH OF THE ARTICLE: For example, smaller samples make it easier and offer more precision for intricate beat slice timing. The larger your sample, the more generic the offset pointers are. Cutting up your large sample into smaller chunks and loading them one by one into the instrument table can yield interesting results. Like I said, it’s a start… don’t stop!

Anyway, thanks for the feedback.

Feel my self-concious drunken spree of typing!

If you have an account on kuro5hin, I encourage you to add your tip as comments to the article. It can only help.


honestly, it does view to be seemingly complicated. maybe a little hard to follow.
crazy thing is tho, from all the experimentation ive done, i have come to use some of those exact same techniques/rules :D great minds must think alike.
175 creates a perfect bpm but, 182 is best if your using a complete amen brother.
thats dope you got on kuroshin, i find myself there on many occasions… so i guess that means im a n3rd!

either way i bet you will have planted a seed among a generation of trackers to be. :yeah:

thinking about it further i realize its a very good thing you made this the way you did. some ppl need a reason to learn. when information is handed so freely alot of times its worth dispates on a very large scale and quick. if there isnt any kind of challenge/intrigue the point gets completely lost. then you have a bunch of users that dont want to read.

Uhhh, so do I?

i just didn’t think I needed to explain this concept in a tutorial for beginners. Regardless, I have added the tip as a comment in the article and credited pro_xy. Thanks.

I do what I can. :)