An Experimental Noise Live Perofmance

This is a live recording of an experimental Renoise setup I made primarily with the intention to create some loops for later use. However, it turned out I enjoy playing with it too much and here’s one of the resulting sessions.

Everything you hear in this track originates from a single looped white noise sample. The amplitude is controlled by an LFO, the spectral content is controlled by an EQ5, there’s a ring modulator for occasional spectral prominence (a.k.a. weird whistling bits), and all is fed into a delay unit with 100% feedback acting essentially as a simple looper.

All units are controlled from via MIDI during the performance, except the LFO which doesn’t easily lend itself to proper control for this task, so it was mouse & keyboards driven.

It’s minimal and somewhat insane but should be right up the alley of most Pan Sonic fans. :)

it begins to be interesting.

Nice sound all from one noise sound, im impressed :)