An Icon To Continue The Song

An icon that continues the song from the last point played, next to the regular play icon. It seems like a pretty important option to keep from being able to use visually. I didn’t know the option was even there until I spent hours attempting to memorize the keyboard shortcuts (I don’t remember there being a print option in the earlier versions–maybe there was and I was just a bonehead).

I would prefer to click play with a modifier key, just like in space bar. Shift+click continues.

Btw. your work memorizing was not futile, as you are to notice.

I just know that many people approach programs like I do–when I start using a program, I generally just jump right into it–I don’t spend hours researching how to use it before I start using it. Only when I’m totally stumped do I look at the manual or tutorials. Maybe that’s a flaw in my approach, but I know I’m not the only one who uses that approach.

I just think it would make it easier to new users. It’s fine the way it is now–it’s just a suggestion to make it easier for new users.

everytime I want that behavior I just click the button (whats the name for it?) between the right alt & CTRL keys on my keyboard. I don’t think I’d ever use an extra play icon. Clicking with the mouse sucks when tracking imo.

Actually shift+spacebar does that, apps button starts from cursor.