An Idea To Make Generate Drum Kit' More Versatile

here’s a quick idea to make the generate drum kit button more versatile, so you can also quickly make instruments with it.

when you have manually changed all the splits base notes don’t mess with that by resetting them to c-4+, but instead spread it out over a logical range. wouldn’t be too difficult to implement either right?

I’m not sure I understand what you mean, but I made a thread, suggesting an “automatic” drumkit, and also that the basenotes don’t get resetted after you press generate drumkit another time.

Did you mean with “spread over a logical range” to be used more on the melodical samples (like piano…), so that every sample gets played on a few notes?

exactly yeah i would like to use the generate drum kit as a quick way to make a multi-sample instrument.

say you have three samples of one instrument. one on c-2, c-3 and c-4. you set the base notes for every split and when you press the button it automatically spreads the splits over a logical range of keys. with logical i mean that for c-2 it would map out every key before c-2 until around f#2, then the c-3 sample would be mapped out from g-2 until f#3, etc.