An issue after updating Reaktor (64 bit)

I’ve been using Renoise for quite some time, and normally host Reaktor instances inside of Renoise. I haven’t had a problem until the other day, when I updated Reaktor to 5.9.0

I am now having trouble trying to initialize the VST plugin, and after fumbling around for a while I managed to find the log file. These are the log entries related to this:

I have tried deleting the CachedVSTs_x64.db file to no avail, so that’s a no-go.
Enabling sandbox mode allows me to open the plugin normally, however. (Quick fix!)

I’m running Windows 8.0 on a 3rd generation i5, with 6 GB of ram.

That’s my bug report, feel free to ask any questions if you want more information. This isn’t urgent as of now, but I’m sure you guys would want to know!


How was Reaktor updated? could it be that some registry keys were not updated during the install?
A how does a full uninstall and reinstall of Reaktor works out?