An spot of cologne

Made with with Incredible Renoise…True I love this Charm Program… the next step… A Logo tattoo on my shoulder. (True)

I have used only 4 instruments, the main sections are Nexus soft Piano and Chords using ProjectSam Strings, and of course ( I always use ) Winds like Oboe and Flute Bass using soundfonts via Samplelord vsti.

Please Comments…I like hear them.

I loved the melody. It somewhat made me remember Miyazaki’s movies. Play with the stereo a little more, made the instruments sound a little brighter with compressor or with exciter. Otherwise: Great work & keep it up! :slight_smile:

Yes, May be rermember any passage but never never copy the original. The Great Composer of Miyazaki´s movies is JOE HISAISHI (The Best, after Ennio Morricone, John Barry, etc) I recommend this composer. True.

And about the sound quality… SoundCloud converts the original .mp3 in an differnt quality !!. I don´t know why but it sounds different from mine !

My Piano sounds in higher frequencies…Anyway sounds good.

I would like to convert this tiny piece in a real composition with real instruments, ( Yes the strings are very suspended or released ).

Thanks ! :slight_smile: