An Undo Manager

Just an idea here… I love how photoshop shows which edits you’ve made in a list. I’ve thought that it would be great if Renoise had an undo manager that showed which edits have been made. It could be collapsible, showing all consecutive edits to an individual track in one tree branch… and have separate trees for sample edits, etc. Sample edits could even be undoable without affecting more recent pattern edits, etc. It could even show (in a dimmed mode) previous pattern data before editing when you select an undo level.

There’s a world of possibility here… you could even store pattern and DSP chain undo data in the song XML.

Simply +1

great idea.

something similar to the “History” panel in Photoshop could also probably deal with the issue discussed here:…c=22989&hl=

Photoshop does not allow you to undo steps in between two actions, you will have to undo other stuff as well.
Undo really has to be based on each area to make this somewhat possible in Renoise which currently it is not.
(undo sequencer steps independant from pattern editor steps for instance)

Truly useful. +1


I totally needed that today.
It would be handy to simply have a window, to be opened from the “Edit” menu where you can see all undo-able steps.


I think this would be a good idea for a script!