analog gear madness?

lately i see many people is going completely apeshit about analog gear? why so? whats the big difference in sound between digital, analog, or softsynths?

many people may say that analog sounds much better, but most of those people recording their 1000000000$ analog gear in a laptop and making very expensive bunch of bullcrap of it.

i guess its only workflow aesthetics how instrument feels and looks and how many different ways people can use it.

can someone explain me where is the truth? -_-

Truth is simple - use that you can afford and that works for you. Other is just bullshit.

I can hear the difference between analog and digital. Does one sound better than the other? That is subjective, in my opinion the answer is no. In cases of digital synths trying to replicate the sound of specific analog instruments, I prefer the authentic instrument. Also, a lot of these people going ape shit over analog are just collectors, all these new products coming out which are analog allow you to have the analog sound without paying stupidly inflated prices because of prestige.

In cases of digital synths trying to replicate the sound of specific analog instruments, I prefer the authentic instrument.

I think this is the biggest thing, a lot of softsynths badly try to emulate analog. Personally I prefer the sound I get out of digital techniques like FM, AM, ring mod, phase distortion, other digital oscillator tricks…but yes a real analog probably sounds better than 90% of the imitations. Plus it’s a real thing to play with and not a 2D graphic that you manipulate with a mouse

Analog, It’s like having a real woman.
You have to make an effort to get it inside your house, you have to take care of it, spend time with it, respect it and show it love. And once you play with it and make it screech real loud - you realise you will never leave it. And after while, you start wanting more analog, but different analog, and you start sleeping around. In the end, you sit there all alone, tired and without any money, surrounded by angry analogs.

But seriously - nothing beats knobbing away on the real deal, it’s just so much more satisfying. It’s a meta thing. And don’t say midicontroller. Sound-wise, there is definitely a difference. I have a moog, and no softsynth I’ve tried can alone match the bass contour or resonant madness it can deliver. More hassle, but rewarding imho.

I have many gear but i buying just for funsnd for new idea in my music. People talking about amazing majic analog effect just boring snobs, just thinking about gear and dont think about music.