Analogue Mixer Feedback

I know this is something really simple but I’m stumped.I have channels 1 and 2 bussed to a sub mix,that sub mix outputs are connected to external compressor and effects unit via 1/4 inch jack,the outputs of the fx unit(the last in chain) is going back into mixer via line in 1/4 inch jack on channels 3 and 4.Getting massive feedback which was a happy accident as it sounds wild through different effects but my intention was to have the signal be processed by the compressor and back onto desk without any feedback,the fx unit would be bypassed for this obviously it has a simple bypass button.Anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

OK i actually sorted out the feedback and it was something stupid,i was sending channels 3 and 4 to the subgroup as well as the master by accident however I’m left with a problem and its one that i initially expected,there is phasing,obviously because the subgroups external hardware chain takes a tiny fraction of a second longer to hit the mixer,how do i get around this??

Ok got it fixed,simply too many units in the external rack,narrowed it down to just a compressor,works like a charm.Thanks for all the help!Couldn’t of done it without you!

You made a feedback loop on the message board. Nice :ph34r: stuff.

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