Analogue Synth Soundsets

Hello all,

I’m a new Renoise user, moving over from trying a couple of other DAWs and I’m happy to say that for a fair majority of tasks I have to perform in making a track, the program handles it beautifully. I’m making the most of the included sample content, as best I can, not having any hardware handy at the moment. It’d be great, however, if I had access to more synth sounds - or rather, synth sounds that immediately recall some of the music I’m trying to make (Detroit and Minimal/Dark Synthpop inspired stuff, at least in terms of my sound palette).

I can see a thread for free sample sets, but quite liking the Puremagnetik samples, I’m thinking of buying their PolySix soundset over the weekend - being reasonably appointed in price, formatted and in the ballpark of the sounds I like. Can anyone recommend any other analogue (or “vintage digital”) oriented commercial soundsets? If I acquire a polysynth soundset, perhaps something contrasting like a Pro One, in ready-to-go Renoise format would be nice.

TL;DR :) - what commercial analogue/vintage digital soundsets do Renoise users recommend?



Zero-G Nostalgia is fantastic. I was able to convert all of these sounds into XRNI format using Extreme Sample Converter. This covers A LOT of ground, and Hollow Sun really knows what they are doing. The samples are fantastic and the multi-programs they have built in various formats for you as part of the library are very well done. I’ve been able to take Zero-G Nostalgia with me whatever DAW. In Ableton I imported the NKI programs (they are not locked in the full library to use lame Kontakt player), in FLStudio and StudioOne I converted them to SF2, and in Renoise I converted the SF2’s to XRNI with great success.

Check out this page for more info. I can’t vouch for these enough as raw material and for customization with DSP chains, tweaking the instruments, etc. I have built several Ableton Racks that make them shine, and I’m in the process now of doing the same with the XRNI, but the XRNI is much easier to build. I only wish Renoise had some way to bundle an Instrument AND it’s DSP Chain as one unit like Ableton does with Racks and groups.

Just what you are after.

24bit 96kHz Moog Little Phatty multisampled bass instrument for Renoise


Thank you, both :)