Analord Re-Released

So seems like al the analord ep’s are re-released +additional bonus tracks …and they sound yummie .
To bad I bought the originals when they came out , don’t feel like paying for a download wave file …
I mean it’s great that new tracks are released , but couldn’t they release it on vinyl instead ?

They’ve been up since last christmas mate. :P

I knew , but somehow forgot about it :rolleyes:

Really!? That’s great. I love the analord stuff by Mr. James. Can’t wait to get my hands on the new tracks.

Highly recommended. I just had the Chosen Lords CD, since Analord was only out on vinyl. But then the whole series was released on and I realized I needed them in my life (along with a new pair of pants). BUY NOW! RAR! A+, etc.

Why a re-release? Why not a new release? Lame-o.

i couldn’t quite get into the analord stuff :<<

The way of the cashcow