Anchorable Groups/tracks

lots of times, when creating songs which are quite spread horizontally, I would like to have the ability to anchor groups or tracks to the right of the pattern view so that they stay always visible while scrolling horizontally through the song. Specifically, I usually put all song-wide commands (Zyxx) on the master track, and thus I would like to anchor it to the right, but this can also apply to send tracks and to any generic track or group.

a context menu “Anchor” entry for track and group menues would suffice

Interesting idea, I like it. Maybe some sort of obvious track-boarder highlight so you know when the Anchor is on.

Yes, I like this idea…

Reminds me of a feature similar to this in a certain popular spreadsheet program…

This is really good, I work on a 1280x1024 screen now so um, … yeah!
Maybe as a workaround it’s possible to script a advanced version of the ‘show one track’ button?

:yeah:+ 1 :yeah:


i often find myself scrolling things around and rearranging so I can compare different lines back to the drums, or something. this would be great.