'And So the Game Has Gone (The Game)' Renoise made OST/Sfx

So I finally finished my game which I thought might interest some of you here as the soundtrack and all sound effects were made with Renoise.
Check it out here -> https://files.scene.org/get:nl-http/music/artists/transient/and_so_the_game_has_gone_the_game_ep_01_windows.zip

The visuals and aurals are fantastic. Love the trippy artwork and the positive vibe of the game. The lighting effects are really great. I got a bit stuck in the second stage because some of the platforms would sometimes be invisible, and also the game would sometimes be washed out with white light. There’s a big lightglobe going off so all the light is understandable but it makes it a bit hard to play.

Pretty amazing little game with some awesome sound effects and music.

couldn’t get over zone 1, the screen where one of the youfos is a big one

none of them was crashed into an emerald, i was always beamed back by them somehow :smiley:

it looks very beautiful, sound is very good

and it’s lot of fun, … but… i don’t really know what i’m doing

hehe, thanks for trying it out guys. sorry i haven’t been by the forum lately. yeah, generally, i don’t think i made a very easy or fun game to play (i’m currently the only one who’s ever finished it if the online leaderboards are accurate) but it was fun to try and make anyway :stuck_out_tongue: hehe