Andreas Janke - Rise Up

Just a work in progress:

So what is missing, what is to much? Please tell me :)

a description how it’s made ^_^

it sounds great
ok you asked what’s missing and what’s too much … hmm…

i have the feeling that i’ve heard two fill-in samples on either a sanmples cd or some rob mayth track…
but i don’t know if this is bad.

the spectrum could be more flat, just from listening, on the other hand i like your eq’ing, but i need more mids

i especially like the chords (strings) of bar 1 and 2 of the refrain

and i like the melody bass and what it does

i find the strings too silent, they could be more apparent and layered with supersaw or the like



I agree that there’s some room for mids. Although I am not sure this kind of music needs that much mids, but I perhaps would use more piano through the song. That sounds pretty awesome, so maybe another melody?

But in general the beat is awesome. I like the song as it is already. Great composition!

Thanks :slight_smile:

3 different versions came out…