Andreas Vollenweiter + Dsp

So yeah, I don’t post tracks here often anymore, since I am very lazy and haven’t finished anything for like a year :blush: + don’t have the internet at home. Last night I was messing around with some old andreas vollenweiter samples + had fun mangling the output with wavelab. Check it here:

it’s the third track , I think called andreas




Very nice :P

Neato! :D

Wanna fx up a track or two of mine? :P

Your three tunes there hugely rocked my headphones!

:guitar: :guitar: :guitar: :guitar: :guitar: :guitar:

Damn!! You’re really a plugexpert!!


really wicked stuff!
were all FX post-processed in wavelab, or did i get something wrong?
if they were, i’m really wondering how you did that… uhm wtf, sounds so cool =)


cheers keith! yeah, vst-plugins & wavelab, by selecting areas in the beat & rendering the chosen fx in it, by layering you can get interesting results.