Android Tablet + Osc + Renoise +Linux : How ?


I searched for information in several websites including this one, but I didn’t figured out how to use (or even if it’s possible) my android tablet as a OSC controller in Renoise (and other software too).

My workstation is a dualcore AMD64 athlonX2, 4go ram, under Tango Studio 1.1 (music oriented, low latency Linux Ubuntu 10.04LTS based distribution). The computer is connected to the the network by ethernet.

I’ve got a Archos 101 tablet (10.1" multitouch, android 2.2, connectivity : wifi, usb, bluetooth…but I don’t have any other bluetooth device), honestly I’m not a tablets fan, kind of “compulsive buying” :unsure: So now I’ve got a useless device taking dust. For what I know, Ipad is the way to go for OSC control, but since I’ve got that android tablet…why I’d not make a try to find some kind of purpose for it.

SO, any help will be appreciated. As I said, I don’t really use this tablet for anything, so I can tweak it for dedicated music use. I just have to find how I can do that. I tried to download a few apps, but I don’t see how to make it “talking” to Renoise or other softwares on my setup.

Thanks :lol:

If people refer to iPad and OSC, the first reference is always TouchOSC as it seems the most easiest app to start from.

There is also TouchOSC for android:

We’re working on some Renoise remote android app thingie.

It still needs lots of love to get polished and/or finished – do you want to join us with the development of the android app?

Why not ? But I’m not a develloper at all. But I can test things if you explain me how. I also know (even if I didn’t code anyting for ages) html and CSS2, if it can be usefull for anything (creating templates?).

@VV : I tried TouchOSC, but I didn’t figured out how to communicate with my linux workstation :blink:

Well, if you don’t have any communication with your Linux workstation at all, it doesn’t matter which app to try, you first need your device being able to talk with your Linux workstation first before going any further.
OSC communicates over the network and simply needs to connect to Renoise as a client as any other client should connect to a server.
TouchOSC should be configured to connect to the IP address of your workstation and then the port that you configured in the OSC server panel of the Renoise preferences.
Also, you should enable the server first before Renoise listens to OSC messages. By default the Renoise OSC server is not running.

Thank you, I’ll try to make it work, and come back here to post result.


TouchOSC for Android is not really on par featurewise with the IOS version.

I’m currently using TouchDAW (midi only, not free) on a 10’ tablet with pretty good results:

But the closest equivalent to TouchOSC may be this one:

@koppi: I’d like to join as beta tester if you need some (Renoise Linux + Advent Vega + Honeycomb)




I finally achieved to make it work ! :dribble:

I used Android touchOSC + linux PureData. It was not as difficult as I thought. I can make a tutorial if any interest. For now, I just achieved to connect my archos 101 tablet to my linux workstation. The communication is in the two ways : My workstation (via pureDATA) can send data to TouchOSC, and can receive data from the tablet.

I didn’t try any music software for now, I just made terminal tries. But it’s already fully functional on a data receiving/sending level, and, once you get the idea, it’s simple to configure (as easy as configuring a MIDI device under renoise).

I am also watching for possible tweaks for my tablet (like overclocking), since the tablet will be permanently installed in the bedroom studio setup, with a stand and powersupply.

My final goal is to make a decent grid controller from it. For drums, “dj stuff”, etc… I’m more confident in my pieces of hardware. But I’m happy to see that I’d probably be able to transform a 300euros dusty bookends in something usefull for my setup :lol:

EDIT : but I still don’t know how to use touchosc with Renoise :lol: I enabled the server, and then ? DO I have to let Puredata running ? How do I map the controls ?

@dem: this is when OSC became tricky for me - no such thing as midi mappings.
But the duplex tool has a template for touchOSC that should get you started (no need for puredata)

Duplex would be plug-and-play with TouchOSC, once someone has made a usable template with larger screens.
But it only comes with a handset layout at the moment (the so-called “simple template”).

Although you can look in that one, and make a bigger version with more knobs and sliders…
On the Duplex side, It’s simply a question of editing an XML file (I can help you with that, just PM me)

The Android version still has no editor and when reading the forums, it doesn’t seem to allow for custom templates but perhaps that may be my false impression and one needs to edit table files to change the layout perhaps (which may be a cumbersome operation compared to using an editor).

You’re right VV. TouchOSC android (wich is free for now) stills limited : no custom templates or editor. You can just use the embedded templates. Another issue is that multitouch is not compatible with my own device (Archos 101, android version 2.2, 10.1" widescreen capacitive multitouch), and that the resolutions of the templates don’t fit well my screen (I think it’s because they are made for 4/3 ipad screen).

But as I said, it stills working (with the issues I talked about), so I can make tests and stuff like that, if any help needed. Just ask.


Here’s a little crappy vid I made during my duplex+touchOSC testing.

That combo has definitly potential. Too bad TouchOSC is not as evolved as the Ipad version for now.


I found another software available : it’s called fingerplay midi, it’s open source and customizable. I’m currently seeing if it can be used instead of touchOSC.

For now, just testing it offline, multitouch is working, screen resolution is good.

edit :

it seems that finger play is not bidirectionnal :(

I found also this one :

Multitouch only on android 3. :(

I’ll try to contact these authors, we’ll see.

I made another video of TouchOSC :

I’m having a ot of fun remixing the demo songs of Renoise. The thing especially usefull is the grid controller. For mixing controls, I still prefer my hardware midi dj console (or my future akai mpd clone for samples).

Too bad I don’t know how to code. The best thing should be mixing the matrix control of Duplex TouchOSC and the step sequencer with funny name (available in the Renoise tools section), or the future Cells tool (especially for Cells).

And the best of the best : being able to create custom templates. With the long widescreen of my tablet for example, it should be easy to map a biggest grid than in TouchOSC, something like 16x8 (at least). For Cells, on that widescreenn I can imagine 8 slices at least !

Too bad I’m not a dev, as I said. But I’m here if any testers are needed. And I will also buy Renoise to support your efforts.


Theres another app like TouchOSC called Control OSC + Midi which allows for layouts written in JSON:

I know, I need to test it correctly, and then I’ll post on the author forum to speak about. For what I saw, mutlitouch was not working on my first tries.

Thanks ;)


I tested COntrol OSC, it’s working (but no multitouch on my device), but the same problem remains : how can I use it in Renoise ? The touchOSC app 's got his own Duplex stuff, but I don’t know how to use another OSC application…

THe Control OSC app also works on wireless midi, but as I’m working on linux, I don’t think I can use that feature…

I’ll post on the official forum to ask about multitouch and midi.

I’d like to know more about the project and possibly join the fun.