My main idea was that I just thought I’d give a heads up for anyone with iOS. Animoog for iPhone is $2.99 (Canadian) Regular $29.99. I don’t remember paying $29.99 for it llol but I really have to agree that this app along with the sister Filtertron has litterly SET THE BAR for synthesis on a mobile device. It’s worth it, so if your planning on getting an iPhone in the future or have one now, do yourself a favor and pick it up. You WONT be disappointed ;)

I guess i’ll add in another that I found rather helpful is Grain Science Grainular synth. PACKED to the tits with aweosmeness. I’m loving he ability to fuck with some ideas for a nice head start when I get around a computer…

Anyone else have any that they feel is a good app?


Thanks man! I wanted to check that out… Rebirth is out there and I KNOW I passed by some other cool emulator that looks pretty sweet…

Anyway currently…

I use for controlling:
Lemur (yes it is worth the 49.99!) and OSC (havnt got it to work non-OSC Bridge though =( ).

For Jamming and actual production:
SunVox (a MUST!)
Animoog and Filatron (any music lover should not resist)
TriqTraq (for even more than just jamming it turns out)
Figure (usually just a kill time thing although they did turn it into more than just a toy with adding alot with the recent update)
DM1 Drum Machine (its quite fun)
Alchemy (Great even if you dont have the vst, better if you do)
Grain Science (A MUST GET)
iKaossilator (pretty cool, helpfull live in fact)
NodeBeat (great for the mess around, Fast and handy for some atmo. ambience or melody for a track)
FunkBox (used professionally by several artists, good but not AS GOOD imho as the DM1)

…Last BUT NOT LEAST… Wait for it …


For the ‘I want to try’ column, SoundGrid reg. or Live just to see if its good for some live sequencing, TNR-i (well all seen the Tenori), Jasuto and a similar app in nature but worlds apart in interface Reactible (think Reaktor for ipad/phone), BeatMaker (1 or 2) and NanoStudio but haven’t made the leap because honestly SunVox really does kick the shit out of that need, and hard! Oh and anyone itching to try that FL Studio Mobile for your, err, piano roll on the go cure, pull a tooth with pliers and you pretty much experienced that waste of time ;) lol!

On a serious note I’m actually really happy with touch mediums are being used now-a-days and I hope it continues. I’m the type that likes to put a more hands on approach to computer music production and although touch isn’t a new medium now with the popularity of the iphone/ipad/ipod and the persistence of really cool ideas out there it’s seen more now as a big new leaf to use for music and even media arts in general and hopefully this turns a few minds our way or at least in this general area ;). With this too, new and previously owned hardware’s to integrate into our hobby/practice are being noticed more and more now, you see the technology in both open source and commercial availabilities exploring with uses from lighting shows, VJ and DJ controls to musical sequencing and control. I just hope its not a ‘trend’ and something we’ll see come more and more especially with the ease and generally low cost of apps and the products becoming cheaper? To name a few for our side of the spectrum - First and foremost Cornbeast is a fucking god with this piece of heaven, if you havn’t now you know ;), DaNoise with the Duplex script, MXD with the Alphatrack script and Airmann with the lovely add of the FaderPort script (of course A LOT of others, past, present and future, to design and help with some DOPE ASS LUA pWn4ge for this awesome piece of 'ware)… And with that note… keep it up you guys, for realz!

Anyothers? Keep 'um coming!

have you tried “little midi sequencer” with animoog??? it´s really sweet and simple :slight_smile: