[Ann] Wolpertinger 0.4


Are software announcements welcome here? Linux synth plugins are rare, and this one works good under Renoise as that’s what I’m using, so maybe someone wants to check it out!


Wolpertinger is a subtractive, antialiased software synthesizer. Sound is
generated by a Saw/Rect/Triangle wave generator and then filtered through
a bandpass filter whose center frequency “bounces” around the frequency of
the playing notes. Thanks to the Juce library it can be used both as a
standalone application supporting JACK or ALSA audio outputs, and as a VST
instrument for (Linux) VST hosts.

Changes in version 0.4:

  • A plain old Attack/Decay/Sustain/Release Volume envelope
  • Dynamically configurable oversampling for antialiasing (1x/8x/16x)
  • Bug fix: Sample rate was sometimes not set correctly
  • Experimental Win32 DLL build

To get an idea how it sounds, listen to this track, almost everything is done with Wolpertinger except drums & voice samples


This is another (unfinished) tune I’m fiddling around with, Wolpertinger only:


Do comment on the tracks plz ;) (Both are done in Renoise)

The plugin is a spare time project of mine. It’s free as in speech (GPL), and you can get code & binaries here.