ANNOUNCEMENT: New reg. service and user pages

Hi all,

We are pleased to announce that new payment service is now operational.
It supports PayPal and much other payment options so if this was only thing stopping you to register now you have a chance :)

Registration link is available from

Next, registered user pages are also now more functional, and improved. Not much stuff is visible but internal changes are quite dramatic.

What will this help in the future? Faster releases, with less lags (only short lags for each release, but no more 1-2 day lags when each new release is done like we used to have before).

Also, beta-version downloads feature is ready but there is no beta to download yet on user pages :)

But don’t worry, it will be released in 1-2 days from now on. BTW, beta download is only for registered user feature please don’t beg us to release sooner public version. We like to release when much bugs are fixed and not only few. Besides, regged users need to have more don’t you agree

OK, so much about it, expect more news soon.