Anonymous Musician - Lush Bipolar

Hey everybody.

Decided to do something different than the drill n’ bass stuff that angers my neighbors. Here’s what going nuts with layering sound effects sounds like when set to a pseudo-bipolar piano melody (hence the supa-fancy title) and some miscellaneous drums. Enjoy the 100% Renoise-made abomination!

Edit: it’s only a preview, not the whole thing! There’s short and then there’s Teh Flashbulb short. Also, sorry about the volume, I just hate compression.

Nice sound! The sound effects ties everything nicely togheter. What did you use on the drums?

@sNoT: absolutely nothing but a 5 bar EQ for boosting high n’ low frequencies and some very subtle Chorus. I pretty much just stole those drums (Sliced Kit) from a different Renoise song that I’m too lazy IMO to look up. Most of the effects are just the configuration thereof.

Don’t feel sorry for that, we got a volume knob to use, not to stay away from.