Another animated music video

Hello guys

Here is another “family” music video I’ve done just for fun:

sound: Renoise [and WaveLab for recording & cutting voices],
gfx: Illustrator & Photoshop
video: Adobe AfterEffects.

It took me ~10 days to finish from beginning to the end. It is dedicated to our new born baby Maxim :)

Comments are welcome.

I didn’t knew your wife looked so gorgeous
Pretty original to send around as birth notification card :)

Hehehe :) Thank you :D

I love it! It’s so happy i could not stop smiling watching it :D
And I’m still smiling. Very good music and video. Thanks for sharing :D

Nyan Pig, lol. Best to all of you!

Hehehe I am glad you like it! I was dying laughing in last 2 weeks while I was working on this animation :)
Also the reason I’ve included Nyan pig is - that my video [“Nyan Cat pardon Pig”] has over 750.000 views and 250 likes vs 250 dislikes :)

I want a dog that teleports!

Really fun animation, I’m looking forward to more of them.

I’m happy you like it :D/>
I suppose you’ve seen “Pilici / Chickens” music video that now has over 13 million views? :) Or take a look at English translated version

Kids here can`t live, sleep or eat without it :)/>