Another bass

Here’s something in all of its over compressed glory

Somehow, each song I write in Renoise gets a little faster… hmmm…

cool sound, like it a lot

@ faster, what are your other daws?

Thanks for checking it out!

Other than Renoise, I use an MPC 500. I’ve used a lot of DAW software but I don’t really use anything else but Renoise atm. I have written a few songs on NanoStudio that I’ve liked. I’ve toyed around with sunvox but spent too much time fiddling with it. I tried Ableton but never wrote anything I liked so ditched it. I do use Reaper or Garageband sometimes but only if I’m recording audio (multi track stuff).

Plus, faster is a good thing… The more I write in Renoise, the more I wanna push the bpm. :drummer:/>