Another computer game + renoise!!

hello guys, just wanted to share with you that today we (me and three friends) released a game called “the guilt and the shadow” on steam. we´ve been working on the game since november 2013.

i made all the sfx and music in renoise and it was a really cool experience (sometimes not so cool heheh), but dont wanna talk about it.

anyway… here is the link:

and here´s the trailer.

thank you renoisers!!!

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That looks great! love the art style and the music/sounds.

Looking good man, congrats.

That looks really cool. Definitely going to try it out when I have time.

hello guys, sorry for ressurecting an old topic. just made avaliable the soundtrack on bandcamp.

im also giving 5 download codes if anyone is interested, hope you enjoy :slight_smile:

3cpj-uvpc dj7r-ekbw s9ww-b8l4 s2he-xfva v6b4-gdlh

download link:

tchau amigos!