Another Dawn (ft. Kelly Rose)

First, the music - then we talk… :)

Another Dawn (ft. Kelly Rose) - direct MP3 download (192kbps)
(Also available on my TiS and homepage, if you prefer online listen)


So I think this song is worth posting if only for the fact that for the first time, I used Renoise in a way that maximized all my PC resources - ended up running out of memory a few times, and audio playback stopped due to overuse of the CPU - there is a limit to everything right?

This song was done in collaboration with Kelly Rose - a young and talented singer songwriter, who wrote the lyrics and performing the vocals for this track.

Also, a huge shout out and thanks to Andy Fox (aka jonnyz on this forum) for his mastering tips and inspiration throughout the making of this song. Thanks buddy, I owe you.