Another First Renoise Song

So i finally made the switch from Buzztracker to Renoise, it was a hell of a job trying out different approaches to finding “my sound” again. Trying out numerous VST’s to replace all those generators i was missing. But persistance and a little swearing here and there finally thrown of it’s fruits, and i’m comfortable now in this new environment.

I did do a little Impusle Tracker and Screamtracker before Buzz tough, so i’m not new to trackers.

Anyway, here’s the finished stuff:

All critique is welcome, and thanks for listening!!!


Quite inspiring, to me. I need to attempt a song style like this in the near future. I love the chill beat with the chord progression.

Nicely done.

Very Boards of Canada! Don’t know if that was intended or not. Probably was :)

Quite liked this. Atmospheric, and some neat sounds. But not devoid of harmony, which would typically have been a turnoff for me… Were the (vocoded) vocals sampled?

Really almost sounds like messed up voices in the final minute… wonder if they’re just messed up synths… :)

Vocoded voice is a sample of the movie “fantastic planet”, run trough the free VST “VocoV II” vocoder. Using it’s built in carrier waves to generate the chords (these are the same chords as the main parts).

The last part is a sample captured with a line-in device, straight from a Russian short animation on Youtube called “There will come soft rains” (you can watch it on youtube), with simply a crossfade added within Renoise, and a lot of delay. The original sample is a deep Russian robot-voice, so it’s easy to create something creepy sounding out of that.

I use Renoise’s crossfade sample effect a lot, you can also hear a crossfaded breakbeat alongside the main riff if you listen carefully. It adds to the whole rithym.

The main lead is the free VST called “Oddy Free”, a recreation of the “Arp Oddyssey”. I actually like this free version better than G-Media’s 100$ plug in, it has a lot more gritty feel to it.

Then i added a lot of delay, EQ, filter etc…, but the main thing that will make any instrument sound like Boards of Canada is the free vst called “Wow and Flutter”. I use it all the time to give my synths that bit of “volnurability”.

The free fishfillets package of VST’s is also a must, especially “floorfish” on an old drumloop.

Am i giving away too much? :)

Thank you for the comments, and for listening!

p.s. i ran into a bit of luck with the ending, the sample of the weird robotic voice ends exactly at the point where the synths end, at the very end of the song. It even does this “swoosh” thing. Completely unintended, but very welcome :)

p.p.s. i stayed up untill 4am last night to finish mastering and uploading, my English seems to have abandoned me due to lack of sleep. So i’m sorry for the many mistakes.

Very Boards of Canada indeed

Man I love that

Damn, this is good!


Thanks for the comments! Someone else requested to look into the DSP chains to look at how i achieved these sounds, so i made him a little zip file with a couple free VST’s i used in this song, and some VST’s i didn’t, but are great also.

So if you’re into BOC-ish ambient, feel free to download this:

Unzip the VST directory to your VST directory, and open the .XRNS.

I left out the song parts, the bass and replaced the strings with another VST. This is because i used Arturia’s Moog Modular VA for the strings, and Imposcar for the bass, so i can’t distribute those.

Hope this is usefull to someone, and if so, enjoy!

Thanks a lot for this… but there’s a vst missing… (disine) there is no .dll included for that one…

anyway… the xrns sounds great! thanks

That vocov vocoder btw… is located here:


Nice song btw ;)

Nice one!

I was listening to Geogaddi on my mp3 player, I’ll bung this at end of it and keep the vibe going!

Hey Polybius,

The song is great, and I love the fact that you share your way of doing it.
Also, the zip file is much appreciated - havent tested it yet, but thought Id drop this note here right before I do.

Purty cool man :)

The Abakos synth is very nice and easy.
Worth playing around with, especially for warm and long sounds.

wow very chill tune like this alot! And I like the way you’re explaining what you did and how you did it, thanks for sharing your talent :)

Liked this alot.

Keep em coming!

Wow this old thing back up? :D

Thanks again for the comments…glad you enjoyed the XRNS, but the truth is, i’ve still got a lot to learn. This song was basically made with existing presets (except the Oddy-Free one) to learn how to sequence in Renoise. But i’ve got the hang of synthesis now, and i’m building up a nice preset bank for the Imposcar, Minimonsta and Oatmeal synths.
New stuff is coming up soon, finished a bunch of 5-second loops that need to make it into songs, and i just (and finally) bought a midi keyboard.
After a year of hammering chords into my keyboard, i’m wishing someone made an azerty keyboard with velocity controll and aftertouch…cause now i have to learn how to punch in those chords all over again :wacko:

Anyone else using Zebra btw? Once i get a hang of this, i’m definatly buying it, but man this synth is a handfull.

Also, if anyone has some good VST effect tips, i’m looking for stuff like “Wow & Flutter” especially. Right now i’m looking for a “dirtyfyer” type plugin, something that will mold up sound but not smash it, not like a distortion-type plugin.

Seeya later!

beatifull song

I had a little houseparty yesterday and I was in charge of the music after everybody was done playing with media player (60’s!, no breakcore!!, no I want the numanuma dance!! etc etc) so at about 1a.m. after Window Licker from aphex twin I played your song (Its been in my head for days), seriously, Ive never seen so many people so relaxed (after 10 crates of beer and a bag of grass that is). Its been on about 3 times in a row after that :]

In other words, I, Fucking, Love, This.
…and so do a lot of other people ;]

ditto to what everyone else said, this is really some good shit. most tunes i listen to on here aren’t really worthy of staying in my itunes library and getting on my ipod, but i’m thinking i might just keep this…can’t wait to hear more.

you’ve got something special here.

I just keep coming back to listen this, again and again, day after day.
Its effin’ magic man…