Another First Renoise Song

HOLY SHIT Im obsessed. :P
Its just beautifull…
…thanks for this.

I’m new here, just purchased Renoise and have been having a trawl through the forums .

Gotta say - I LOVE this track, it’s been on repeat here for about 40 mins.

Oh I also listened to the long mod - really like the xerxes bit :)

Looking forward to tracking agan, it’s been about 16 years since I helped write the OctaMED 6 manual

I was sure Ive posted something here…
hmm, anyway,
BIG UP and keep it up,
I really love your song!

Muhahaha!! >:]
Im kicking this song up because its the best one Ive heard on ever.

Agreed! :dribble:

wow, very impressive