Another Hitler Overdub Parodian... (dutch Subtitling)

In the Netherlands, one of our Copyrights agencies proposed to bill bloggers and blog-hosting sites that embed copyrighted material…
The idea caused voices raising against it from bloggers, hosters, artists and even our own government…
Which is natural, why paying for crap quality material? And why paying for methods artist use to advertise themselves?
The persiflage subtitling is hilarious:


cassettebandjes (((=

i almost understand the subs. some of it looks like a bit of swedish and most of it like german but with lol spelling. :lol:

Spelling is lol… that fact what Buma attempts to do is below the level of pathetic. Posting the above YouTube footage would for instance be charged for, either directly to me or to the owner of the site. And we are not discussing pennymoney either in that case.


He is good. (Hij is goed!)

Buma/Stemra should be shot in the head twice a day. Fuckers. They sometimes forget their place and the fact musicians in the EU are allowed to choose their own copyright representation, B/S has lost its monopoly since last year. Sometimes I seriously consider setting up a likewize company, just to fuck with em.

Are they even worse than our SABAM? :P

They are this worse:
If you as a musician have registered with their agency for them to collect money on your work, they will bill you for publishing your own work on your own site and they bill you higher than your site brings in revenue, that is why Buma is loosing grounds really fast because they are in fact doing their job beyond the goals that they supposed to represent. They consider the Internet one big radio and broadcast station and everybody has to pay for any specific form of broadcasting.
I personally rather would see them go than stay, there is indeed no longer use for such an agency.