Another It-alien Influenced Song

Here’s another instrumental.

It has taken me a while (2 days) to get some tempo changes fixed in this, but it’s finally done. My brother helped me on a method where every other line the tempo gets changed slightly (back and forth) to give it a swing-ish feel–it really got rid of some of the gameyness it originally had.

I really like this song, but it’s probably going to be a bit of a stretch for most people to listen to. It still isn’t as experimental as what I have coming up–it’s still using designated techniques and it has a jazz-rock fusion feel. I tell you, I have something up my sleeve that’s going to be very strange.

Wow–vocals are suddenly coming to this song very quickly. I wouldn’t have thought of putting vocals on this without the suggestions for the song “Craving”.

This is turning out quite interesting.

OMG! The vocals are turning out great! This is going to be one of my best songs. I know right now it’s my favorite.

The form for the vocals is established–I have a reference recording already but I’m not quite sure if I’m ready to release it. Oh f*ck it, here it is:…ence-Vocals.mp3 I really think this could possibly be one of my signature songs when I’m done with it.

Wow. Just wow!

This song wouldn’t be possible without the support and critiques of a lot of people.

EDIT: I’ve remixed the song to be more appropriate for vocals–a bit more compression in general and lowering the volume of the electric piano a bit… the new mix, same location, should be ready from about 5 minutes of typing this edit.

sweet notes.

cobham, hancock, kizzume :P

Wow, quite a comparison. Thanks :)