Another Loss

That surely made my day not. Just found out, that Crest - famous for his demoshows on serveral demoscene parties and party reports - committed suicide by jumping off a bridge in Cologne… right after evoke.

pouet thread

RiP - may the demoshows in your current state never end…

Quite strange news indeed. I didn’t know him personally, but I remember seeing him several times at Evoke. He was one of the first people I saw when I arrived there early in the afternoon. He was quiet and looked thoughtful when I saw him around the party hall, but he didn’t appear to be deeply upset about anything. I would never guess by looking at him that he was going to kill himself soon afterwards, at least.

As far as I read in the pouet thread, he dealt with psychic issues (contact issues, depression) for a long time already and even announced several times to “quit”. Still, nobody seemed to expect that… However, I knew him from several parties already and he always appeared like the über calm character to me. Also kinda untouchable…
It’s still weird for me, how much psychic problems can consume someone. Damn, he should have made use of a therapy.

Man that is just way way to sad


He was a true demoscene supporter, but it looks like it was the only cause to stay alive for him… then he lost his faith even in that.
I remember, my first visit at a demoparty (MS '99), he was actually the first person I got in touch with. He showed me some amiga demos and I got really entertained + gained interests. Although, he was never a big speaker, the conversations with him were always warm and friendly.
This year, I haven’t even talked a single word to him. Like there was some kind of avoidence. And my brain is running in circles now…

that’s really horrible … rest in peace.


damnit, that’s unfair. I read an old statement of him I found on the mentioned pouet thread.
Somehow I dig what he says. Too bad the scene wasn’t enough to keep him alive. :(