Another midi bug .copy paste related ..midi velocity out .a

First of all we must be aware that there are multiple ways to control the volume of a midi channel .

1-velocity ( note specific )

2-channel/part volume out (cc7 )

3-expression (cc 11 …not of use in this matter )

and lastly …renoise specific …the gain slider /read out box in the upper right corner of the instrument editor also affect velocity …

Ok …let’s go

-Create an instrument 0 and select midi out 1( gain slider in upper right corner =0db =no velocity changes

-Create a midi cc device and adjust cc volume NR7 ( for that instrument )

-copy/ paste this device to a new track and point it to instrument 1 ( which isn’t created yet ) , thus the midi cc device will read untitled ( no worries )

-Create a new instrument 1 and select midi out .2

Result …the gain slider has decreased in value …set by the midi controller …

This has caused me numerous headaches as so why my midi channels all of a sudden sounded more quit .

It seems that the bug appears when the copy/paste and pointing of the new cc device is done BEFORE creating a new instrument , iow it automatically sends data to renoise instr.gain slider …

Or …maybe it’s easier to say that midi cc7 affects renoise instrument’s velocity :)(db slider )when the instrument isn’t created yet

What is this all about?

what d’you mean ?

I described how midi CC7 affects the gain ouput of a renoise instrument ( and thus midi velocity ) when the instrument isn’t created yet .