Another New Song From Me

This is a song I originally wrote for the sounddevotion compo some months ago, but due to bad internet i couldn’t manage to submit it before the time limit, so now ive posted it on my myspace page, here. I’ve called it “milkman” after the extremly funny vocal sample included in the samplepack, which i noticed few of the compo contributors made much use of… Its kinda a funky piece, with possible weirdness included.
I hope you will listen to it and tell me what you think.


Yeah man. This is nice and leftfield. There is plenty of things going on here. Very strange track, but it shines with talent.

thanks man! glad you liked it!

Nice, ReSelekted. Got a non-myspace URL?

nope, I don’t even have an internet connection…

MILKMAN. milkman. milkman.