Another New Track

Here comes another one. I’ll stop the spam of this crap now. I promise guys. Don’t hate me.


(some bugs in it. I know! but I Don T. Care)

Edit: Fixed the soundbug and re-rendered (apparently matters for xerxes)

First thing I thought of was Kaptein Varjedaag! :)

Phoonkeye! B)

Oh, and don’t stop!

omfg. kapitein verjaardag :lol:

well. it’s me is’nt it?

I wont stop. And you know it…

Spelling is hard! :rolleyes:

nice sound:) you got something going on with this song. if you remove that crappy gay “woohoo” house sample, then it sounds better allready. hehe. men funky som f!!

The track was cool :)

My damn firefox keep open the lniks in gay quicktime browser ext. :(

Whoo is removed

Bug at 01:15 is fixed

Thanks for the feedback