Another Noob Question (VSTs on Linux)...


Is it possible to install VST plugins on the demo?

I want to get violin, full orchestra and piano sounds, etc, but have no idea how…or if it’s even possible.


Yes. The demo is fully functional when it comes to creating and saving your work.

Please read:


Worked out how to get the VST plugin to work on the laptop with Vista, but not having much luck working it out on Ubuntu :(

Any advice on how to install VST’s on Ubuntu?

Well, since you weren’t specific, I’ll have to guess and say that you tried to load a Windows VST plugin on Linux? (It’s a very common misunderstanding). Although the VST standard has been ported to Windows, Mac and Linux, each platform still requires the plugin to be compiled specially for that platform, so unfortunately a Windows VST plugin will not work natively on Linux.

There are a few methods people have use to get them working, but I personally do not know enough about those techniques to help out here. Perhaps some of the other Linux Renoise users can give some tips.

From what I know there are not much vst’s for linux
…little bit more for mac
…and loads of windows vt’s

Ah ok, makes sense, but I couldn’t even find the folder that plugins are supposed to be placed in so that they’re found by Renoise.

Something to do with VST_PATH and usr/lib/vst.

Completely lost :D Might just stick to using it on the laptop on Vista since everything seems to be perfect on there.


In home directory .vst folder

You can use windows VSTi’s on linux using DSSI, although it can be a lot of effort to get it working, see

You could try some native linux vst instruments, some work better than others: or try searching for ‘discodsp discovery’ or ‘loomer aspect’ for commercial linux vsts.

Some people have reported some success using the windows version of Renoise and their windows vsts in linux using wine, although personally I prefer to stick with the native linux stuff.

You can install the windows renoise in linux (needs wine + wineasio installed)

This is how i work. I create instruments with my fav VSTi in the renoise (windows) and creat my tracks with renoise (linux).

I like ZynAddSubFX (great synth for linux, windows) after geeting deeper in it (tried it it someday after frusted about not enough native vsts for linux) and sample it in renoise.

I hope renoise will in future include a native synth!

Have fun ;)

Cheers for the replies.

Shall have an attempt at the things suggested.