Another "praise Renoise"-Post

I used to post alot on the Renoise forums, but almost never do anymore, that doesn’t mean I don’t use Renoise to make music and as a creative outlet several times a week. It just means I’ve gotten a girlfriend and a son who is 6 and as eager as I was almost 10 years ago when I first discovered this amazing software, and I just don’t have that much time anymore to check in and join in on posts that often.

But when I do it always “brings me back”, you know? And it’s incredible how Renoise just keeps evolving, it never stops. And it gets better and better with more and more features, those Renoise developers (Taktik&co) must be some of the busiest software-developers out there. Whenever I think “Okay, this is the ultimate sh*t right here” when I get a new release of Renoise, you always somehow manage to bring something new to it and my hat goes off to you, and I dunno how you’re gonna top this new 2.8 version but I know you will somehow.

Anyway, this post comes partly because of a bad conscience; I use Renoise nearly every day but never check in on this forum, which I feel I owe to the developers.

But whenever I make something with this great software I always sign it with “made with Renoise”, trying to spread the word about this great software :)

My little sentimental two cents.

Good to see you’re still at it and satisfied with the software dufey. :D

Was your son also “made with Renoise”?