Another 'render To Wav' Problem

I’ve been using Renoise for several months now, rendered hundreds of songs with various VSTs and VSTIs without having any trouble.
However, when I use Native Instrument Battery 2 VST or ElektrikPianoVST there are weird ‘cuts’ and ‘skips’ in the .wav file that Renoise produces.

Has anyone encountered or heard of this problem? I’d love to get some answers, I’m in a bit of a rush you see. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

Yeah, I used to get that with Absynth2. It seems to be fixed now (can never tell with intermittent bugs though). But I’ve experienced it with other plugins recently too, Linplug’s FreeAlpha to name one. I haven’t used the VSTs you’ve named though.

I think he tried with no luck, as I also have this problem with Kontakt.

I don’t know about Baktery, but Kontakt has a “Bounce” button which sometimes solves the problem.

I also suggest you to try playing the whole song and then try to render it; this won’t help if you haven’t got enough memory.

If you still don’t get any help from this tips, try closing eMule, if opened: I’ve found it to be quite stressing for Kontakt.

oh, and a last one: if really anything else helps, try muting all channels which does not have Baktery, and render the song, then unmute them, mute Baktery channels and render the song with another name, then mix the two wavs into one.

Huh :P
I suppose you mean NI Battery, man

Not enough memory as in not enough RAM or HD space?
I have 512 mb ram (renoise seems to eat almost half of that though, when both instances, along with their banks loaded, are running) and very little HD space left (I’m on a 40Gb Laptop ;_[).

It doesn’t really matter if I render the song track by track since I’m only using Battery 2 and Elektrik Piano, and both those VSTIs cause this problem.
Any more ideas? Do I need a new PC? I have 2Ghz of CPU power (P4), if that’d matter.


in your situation, an hardware upgrade seems to be strongly advisable, expecially because even using DirectFromDisk streaming (which is available on Kontakt so I assume is available in Battery too) won’t help, since your HDD is probably too slow

I would call it bakery instead :P

I have exactly the same problem with Kontakt and all Kontakt player based instruments (Garritan, EWQL Stormdrum, Intakt, Kompakt).

I really don’t know if it’s because of the Kontakt engine itself or because of an incompatibility with Renoise because I didn’t see reports of such problems on forums of “cubase/logic/etc/etc” users…

I have here a f*cking P4 2.8 GHZ with 2 gigs of RAM and nothing else than Renoise running, and a lot of useless XP services disabled, it’s still impossible to render a big orchestral song correctly with '“only” 1.3 gig of used RAM (approx 1 gig for Renoise + Kontakt and its big instruments).

The damn DFD option in Kontakt programs is pitiful. It doesn’t work in a situation where you would actually need it, I tried nearly all possible settings. (at least they warn that it’s still an experimental feature). So the only way is to have everything loaded in ram, and when you make orchestral music believe me you need a whole lot of it. But with 2 gigs.

This is my work PC. I wanna buy a new PC for home because I need to be able to do these big pieces big time and I’m planning on buying 3 to 4 Gigs of RAM just because silly Kontakt can’t accomplish a f**cking direct-to-disk reading (with only 1 instrument!!!) in year 2005 on a 3 hgz Pc with fast drives. GREAT.

Now ok, if i reallyyyyyy need to render my song correctly, I could still make several renderins and mix them after that. But it’s a pretty annoying loss of time and spontaneousness, don’t you think ?

Should we blame on Kontakt or on Renoise ? Because I remember Taktik saying that this was a VST related problem (meaning Renoise is absolutely out of cause), and I tend to trust him :). But it seems it happens most likely when you use Kontakt in Renoise… Maybe I’m wrong here ?

If any one has some new tricks to share anyways, I’d be glad:)

just a note, Kontakt 2 has recently arrived, maybe this has better functionality.

I never had problems with my EWQL libraries when rendering (I use DFD, you did downloaded the latest DFD library from sounds-online did you?).
They do stutter when having live output, but not when rendering (yet).
(You have even 1 GB more ram than i have)

You also tried the cubase tips to set your XP environment performance for background applications, no page-file etc?
the no page-file is absolutely important, i had songs where during composing, the pagefile got acquired making me think i suddenly had 400MB ram again (i use MEMTurbo monitor) while actually during rendering the samples went beserk. So i turned this one off.

This is what i did.


Yep I have the latest DFD (or at least it’s supposed to be according to the GPO site => DFD 1.2.9), and my pc is set up correctly. But other than that I didn’t know that absolutely NO page file was needed. I’m gonna try that, thanks for the tip !

By the way yes, I noticed earlier today that Kontakt 2 is out, I hope it didn’t get worse :))

Has anyone tried to use NI products with other music making softwares? :rolleyes:

another tip:
I may be wrong, but I’m gaining better results minimizing ReNoise during rendering, by pressing hte minimize button on the render window.

maybe I’ve found a solution, or at least an improvement:
(this info are Windows-only. I actually don’t know if any Mac user has similar problems)

I’ve been continuosly struggling with this problem since a week now, because I’m going to release a new, huge song, with lots of Kontakt-based instruments.

I experienced note kills and note cuts even at the beginning of the song, and get quite upset. <_<

The problem has nothing to do with the reserved voices: you can increase them at will, but the problem will still arise when Kontakt detects a CPU overload (or is being told so by the host) .

In case of overloads, indeed, Kontakt automatically kills the older voices, and this can dramatically result in a complete shut down of all voices.

Now, it seems that this mechanism does not work very well within ReNoise, or it is too sensible. The result is that voices get killed too often, even when there is no need to do this.

“Ok, enough with tech stuff, how can fix this?”
Try rising ReNoise process priority to “above normal” by using the task manager.

It seems to work, by making the process more responsive, and the CPU overload detection smarter.

Maybe it’s too early to be sure to have killed this little bastard, but I ensure you that this is the first time I manage to render this damn song correctly, and I’m bloody happy :)

Try this hint by yourself and let’s see if it does the trick

sorry, I forgot to mention that ReNoise rendering priority has to be set to “Real”

I wonder if there are other VST(I) plugins that work this way…
This does mean that CPU utilisation in Renoise has to get improved IMHO.

What i think that happens if you set the CPU priority to “Above normal” is that there is a higher frequency of measuring points given to Renoise to calculate it’s CPU concumption and this will probably result to more accurate average results.

If you know the deviation of the averages (say like 10%) then you could apply a 10% down rounding of the average result when calculating in normal priority.