Antape - Drafts


Here are three draft songs that I each record in a one take of a live jam with prepared patterns of my ESX. They are not really produced but you may enjoy the music anyway.

Song descriptions available in soundcloud


+ Draft 3

Antape - Elctribe Drafts Set[/center]

Any feedback welcomed !

Not bad. It seems like you tried to stick too many musical ideas in the first track and like in the second track you have a repetitive jabbing synth riff that gets a bit exhausting after a while. The drums are the best part of the first track, maybe some more stripped down synth parts would be the way to go. They sound a little bit obnoxious here.
There’s a bit more space and co-operation between your synths in the second track which is good, I like the higher riff with delay, but yeah, some of the other synth parts are a little incessant. Nice buildup to 1:20.
I’d say the third song is by far the best of the three. You’ve got some very interesting percussion and drum work going on here. Around 1:30 to 1:50 the track is feeling a little bit directionless. Might need a few more musical ideas in here to make it more of a complete track. As a jam, it’s pretty cool and the overall co-ordination in the track seemed to me to be much better than in the others.