Antape - Spiral Dance Theme Primitive Incisiv Spicy Mix

The first track featuring my freshly acquired DX9. Also featuring the theme of my older track Spiral Dance that you can find HERE, and which I’ll be working on again later cause the actual mix is… well, quite bad (also I really like the mood it have and want to extend it).

Anyway, this track is completely different ; more spicy I’d tell.

I invite you to share your feedback if you have, whether it catch you or not !


Great. Loved the vibe.

My pleasure !

i really enjoyed listening to the song, you got some really cool ideas in there. i like how the rhythm of the melody changes at 1:05 or how the notes are off at 1:59. the parts in between are wicked but well thought-out, especially in combination with the guitar riff.

good job

Thanks for your comment !

hey antape ! your style looks first rich and very dense, there’s a profusion of ideas, variations, slight unharmonic choices and additive melodic lines, constant fx changes, and however the overall mix stays clear, listenable, not too compressed, and the listening experience constantly renewed, is never boring. and this track is FUN, I particularly like the way you finish it after 02:00, in a kind of substractive composition method.