That is so wicked. I love it, although it still reminds me of my car is broken

i dont like when people are destroying good things just for fun

Yeah, I agree. The poor piano :)

It’s a good way of saying “We have money, you don’t. Things you might like that cost money suck and we rule.”

that crazy BBC mod talks a lot shizz. but i like his documantations about south london crime, tropical indigenous people and psychological experiments.

this was pretty amusing. i never thought that porsche’s were very cool anyway

I don’t like Porsche. I had the opportunity to drive a 911 convertible and it was some sort of cool but I prefer my own car. First of all, because nobody would be dumb enough to steal it and second, the porsche did not have a mp3-player onboard.

The other day I had to fetch a laborghini diablo (yellow) from Wilhelmshaven to Oldenburg (60 km) for a promotion-gig at my company I worked for. Never made it in a shorter period of time again :)

Lamborghini rocks :)

You’d think that a guy with his own televised program about motorised vehicles, would know, or at least have some semblance of an idea of how to drive.

hehe… i think it would be my slowest drive… now you dont want to drive pass those hot chicks without them noticing you… do you?? :)

yeah but at least porche is drivable:)

if i remember correctly all “you” have is pretttttty big mp3 player and its not even portable :P

Maybe not, but such tanks made them good police cars

There was another thing like this where people put an old toyota through a bunch of tests, a lot more than this one, and it still ran after being dropped several times. I wish I could find the link…

perhaps you should check out this one:

Okay, that is weird…