Hi all

I start creating psy-like bass line and in that track I can hear lots of clicks either I use longer sample or vst that plays in one channel.

Does ReNoise support ANTICLICK? For example, AHI output device on Amiga has anticlick included in code so if you use DigiBooster - there will be no clicks in track but it will use more cpu.

where do you hear the clicks?

if it is upon instrument/sample start:
some VSTi expose a “click” if you use a very fast attack for the volume ADSR env.
=> slow down the attack of the ADSR a little bit. it most commonly suffices to suppress the clicks, yet isn’t that audible that you’d notice the attack being slower.

for samples, make sure their levels do all start at zero this also alleviates clicking.

one way to avoid the clicks is to apply a filter over the DSP chain.

Considering that you are using a bass sound, try putting a filter which cuts over 4khz.

Clicks are mostly caused by fast attacks, as keith said, or wicked wave “jumps” due to New Note Actions. Be sure to try “note off” NNA setting also.

Almost related:

Does sample offset command always start from a zero corssing point? If not using this quite extensivily could introduce clicks (interested as starting to use it a little more. Not come across any problems yet.)

sample offset command (09xx) does not start playing from zero crossing points

take a deep, bassy, lowfrequent sine-sample.
trigger it with various different sample offsets and you will notice, that some click more than others.
that’s because the sample offset command does not care about the level being zero or not at the respective sample-position.

all sample offset does is take the whole lenght of the sample, divide it into 255 equally sized segments and trigger the sample starting from whatever segment the user has entered.
the smaller the sample lenght, the tighter the resolution (or the lesser the distance from segment x to y) of the sample offsets.

i’m quite content with this behaviour - if it would really look for the closest zero amplitude position in the sample whenever you trigger it somewhere, it would lose its precision when working with rhythmic samples like drumloops, vocals or other sequences where 0920, 0940, 0960, 0980, etc. would be designated “onbeat” offsets.

the above does not apply to the Amiga/FT2 09/pitchmode option.

Ummm, no it wouldn’t. Even if your base harmonic is 20Hz (going for the worst case scenario here) then there will be a zero crossing 40 times a second (remember there is one up and down and assuming no serious DC offset.) If working on a track of 240bmp (although I doubt many of you compose this fast. See Speedcore thread) that’s a beat 4 times a second.

So at worst case scenario there are still 10 zero crossing per beat, so you are going to loose far less through it finding nearest zero crossing than you are through loops not being perfectly cut or syncopated.

it is heard on some bass vst’s [303 like bass, cant remember now the name of vst as Im at work currently] and clicks are noticeable when hear just that bass track that has bass placed in each line. If you render to wav and zoom it - you`ll see large but short peaks.

they dissapear IF I put WavesXClick VST filter [it is used to remove for example, dust clicks that appear when sample old records], but the biggest problem is - when apply filter on bass track - sound output is DELAYED for less than a second [!] because filter first “reads” sound input that clicks & removes them in realtime and outputs perfect sound…

but, then bass attack is not that sharp then but does not click at all.

the other solution is to render to wav & remove clicks from WaveLab that has anticlick filter named “DeClicker”.

p.s. Keith303, I’ve downloaded your song in renoise and mp3 format - it is FANTASTIC! you are master of command lines. I couldn`t believe song will sound all that perfect with synth sounds! excellent song & melody! keep going :)

one small suggestion: you should put compressor & equalizer with bass & treble at master track & sound will be perfectly clear & loud.

What about just drawing a fast ramp from zero to the default level in the volume part of the instrument envelope as a quick fix?

wouldn’t a REALLY fast volume fade up on 09xx commands work? i mean like a 5 sample volume-up.
probably just with interpolation on. ???
and the sound which is before the 09xx would also need a fade down: it’s also possible (most definately) it doesn’t stop at exactly zero crossing hmmmm. :?
maybe a fade from the LAST sample before the 09xx to the 5th sample of the one after o9xx?? (<-not sure, but i think this would work. :) )

based on your description, i’d say that it is exclusively the VSTi you use that causes the clicks.
the host, renoise, is not guilty here at all i’m sure.
i really cannot get it to click with a properly trimmed lowfrequent sine bass sample, so it’s imo all fine from a “renoise point of view”.

maybe you should email the VSTi author concerning this.
i did the same for soniccharge’s microtonic - before version 2.0 it did not allow to adjust the attack speed for the OSC, which produced very ugly clicks whenever you triggered a clean sine kickdrum.
they thought it was cool, because the kick would get more “punch” then, as they thought, but as others also complained, they introduced the attack switch in v2.0 and all is fine and click-free now.

which VSTi is that that you’re talking about, btw?

btw: glad to hear you liked my tune! :walkman: