Any Chance Of An Export To 1.8 Feature?

The last couple of builds have left my laptop struggling. Although the CPU usage seems to never pass 4% whenever a track is playing the GUI is always seeming to lag a bit, it occasionally plays the first note(s) of a pattern twice.

I have read the other threads about the slower GUI but using the compatible update feature make it a hell of a lot slower, GUI effects are also disabled.

Anyway, the question was would it be possible to include an export to 1.8 feature? There are a number of tracks that i have tweaked in 1.9b6 and now cannot open in 1.8.


no, renoise song format is not backward compatible

We sooner or later anyway have to find out why this happens, so it would be great if you could try to find out more details about this.

Does this maybe only happen with the multi processor support enabled? Do you have a multi processor system?
Does this always happen with a specific song after a given time or is it more or less randomly?

If you have such a song were you can replicate this, it would be great if you could share this one with us(me) so that I could analyze it here.

Sorry can’t be more specific. I didn’t think it was a bug, just renoise requiring more resources than older builds. PC is a Single CPU Celeron D 1.47GHz.

It has happened with a number of tracks and seems random. Most of my tracks are ~2MB in size, ~180bpm speed 4 no external VST and the only DSPs used are the LoFiMat, and the 5 and 10 band EQs.