Any Chance Of Renoise Zipped?

Well i’ve been living in a cave for the last few years and only just got back online. i’m using my nearest college to surf the net but it has restricted access to certain files. .exe is 1 of them.

I’ve been using MPT for what seems like forever and think its about time i tried this new fancy thing! So what i’m asking is if any1 would be kind enough to zip up the latest Renoise demo and post a link for me?

Oh and while i’m here i might as well ask if Renoise is the bees knees or has it got any competition? From what i’ve seen you all regard MPT as outdated so what other choices are there?

God damn my cave just got a lot smaller! Watched the reason videos and DAMN!

Now can anyone help me? I need money. Lots of it.

i’m at university now with my own internet connection but back home the only internet access i have is via the local library, so i can relate.

not being able to download certain file types, access forums or myspace or other internet crap was a real pain.

so here you go: the renoise 1.5.2 demo zipped


edit: i’ve just realised i shouldn’t really have posted the link for everyone to see on this post (even thought it was only a yousendit). i’m sure the renoise team want to keep as accurate as possible a count on demos dl’d as possible. check your email duke it.

Perfect! Thank you very much.

I wish they would’nt restrict things to the extent they do. I mean even mp3 files are blocked! What’s the point in that? Anyway i’m startin to rant.

Thanks again for help.

download this and extract it to your renoise folder.

oh and if there weren’t any restrictions, why would anyone register? the renoise demo is sooooo sick and hardly has any limitations. i’m going to register as soon as i can rustle up some cash.

i think he meant restrictions by his net provider for file extentions that he can download :P


my bad lol

exam stress is starting to hit me, i think.