Any Lfo(Mark Bell) Fans?

anyone? he produced Depeche Mode’s Exciter and Bjorks stuff… I really like his Frequency cd…

i think Exciter is the best depeche mode album ever (“dream on” is one of those tracks that has stuck with me for years). of course, depeche mode fans disagree vehemently with me.

Big thumbs up to mark bell …I love his latest ( few years old )album ’ sheath 'which was a one man’s project of course 'frequencies ’ and 'Advance are top notch too ’
He also collaborated with bjork for the soundtrack for ’ a drawing restraint ’ a movie by Mathew barney

The you tube song is from drawing restraint

theres this song off of Sheath called “blown” and I don’t know how he got that sound…

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… Sorry about my overuse of emoticons there <_<

LFO is soo cool.